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Can't configure against openssl 1.1.0
User & Date: anonymous 2018-07-30 18:22:28

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    When I try to run the configure script with a openssl 1.1.0 directory specified as a dependency location, the config fails:

    checking which TLS library to use... openssl
    checking if a basic OpenSSL program works... no
    configure: error: Unable to compile a basic program using OpenSSL

    This contrasts with my OS-installed version of openssl 1.0.2, against which tcltls configures and compiles OK.

    I use the following lines to compile with OS-installed openssl 1.0.2:

    ./configure --disable-stubs --with-tcl=<fulldir>/tcl8.6.8/unix --enable-deterministic
    make tcltls.so

    I then install and compile openssl 1.1.0 shared libraries locally without problems. I then try the following configure line for tcltls:

    ./configure --disable-stubs --with-tcl=<fulldir>/tcl8.6.8/unix --with-openssl-dir=<fulldir>/openssl-1.1.0 --enable-deterministic --includedir=<fulldir>/openssl-1.1.0/include

    I get the error quoted at top.

    My computer is running a standard updated install of Kubuntu 16.04

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