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History of tests/remote.tcl

Complete private key name changes introduced in tlsIO.c Revision 1.18. file: [c8f880a3e5] check-in: [c6821b0cf1] user: razzell branch: trunk, size: 4866
* merged all changes from tls-1-3-io-rewrite back into main branch file: [b9011510b9] check-in: [a636fa7c56] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 4862
* tests/tlsIO.test: corrected various tests to be correct for TLS stacked channels (as opposed to the standard sockets the test suite was adopted from). Key differences are that TLS cannot operate in one process without all channels being non-blocking, or the handshake will block, and handshaking must be forced in some cases. Also, handshakes don't seem to complete unless the client has placed at least one byte for the server to read in the channel. * tests/remote.tcl: corrected the finding of tests certificates * tlsIO.c (TlsCloseProc): removed deleting of timer handler as that is handled by Tls_Clean. * tls.tcl (tls::_accept): corrected the internal _accept to trickle callback errors to the user. * made the install-binaries target regenerate the pkgIndex.tcl correctly. The test target probably shouldn't screw it up, but this is to be on the safe side. file: [26f53255a5] check-in: [977988aed6] user: hobbs branch: tls-1-3-io-rewrite, size: 4866
changed default server port from 2048 to 8048 file: [822d07082f] check-in: [2b84c5685a] user: aborr branch: trunk, size: 4769
More test fixes. Tests marked "empty" will hang, presumably because of the synchronous nature of those tests. file: [89ceb816c3] check-in: [2af1d4883b] user: awb branch: trunk, size: 4767
*** empty log message *** file: [6420d365ae] check-in: [4bf039c9a5] user: awb branch: trunk, size: 4745
Add remote server for tls testing. file: [b409bf0b71] check-in: [79208b498d] user: awb branch: trunk, size: 4453 Added