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tls-1.8 Build failure
User & Date: anonymous 2024-07-01 03:04:39

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    as of this commit [https://core.tcl-lang.org/tcltls/info/2e607e483a6540c8](https://core.tcl-lang.org/tcltls/info/2e607e483a6540c8)
    clang 16 lld musl-c
    115.4 ./generic/tls.c:2907:5: error: call to undeclared function 'BIO_cleanup'; ISO C99 and later do not support implicit function declarations [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
    115.4  2907 |     BIO_cleanup();
    115.4       |     ^
    adding ```#include <openssl/bio.h>``` allows compiler to proceed but then I get
    ```BIO_cleanup: symbol not found``` at package require tls
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